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2.9. 2020

Big web update

Greeting to all of Contis fans! Unfortunately, I haven not had much time to update this website for the last two years. But I have been trying to fix it for the last few days. That is why I have made a pretty significant update to the website content. Several links to the interviews with Bill Conti were added into the Links section, a several new found videos and photos were also added into the Photos and Videos sections. However, I would like to draw particular attention to the link to the Bill Conti - Living the Truth document, which can be found in the Video section.

A Discoghraphy section was also updated: a three regular CD scores The Big Fix, Masters of the Universe (Notefornote) and Gotcha! were added and also a information about four blu-ray discs with isolated music track were added.


18.11. 2018

Score from Inferno finally released!!!

It was very long time since last release of Conti score. Dragons Domain Records just officialy released the score from Inferno (1999) first time ever and in limited edition of 500 copies. More information in Discography.


10.12. 2015

Christmas website content update

After almost a year I bring you a total big update of the website content. I added 10 different photos into the Photo section, next I added a several new videos (interviews) in Video section including the part about rocky score from the document Living the Truth, next I added a several links to the interviews, articles and especially links to the almost 50 reviews of Contis soundtracks into the Links section and also one soundtracks was added - Varese Sarabande released the CD North and South: Highlights with the highlights of the score. I also completed the cover preview for all missing covers in the Discography section. Marry Christmas 2015!!!


6.1. 2015

Websites content update

I prepared to the New Year a big update of this websites. Now you can find here a new links to 3 interviews and 6 articles/reports in the Links section. As next I added 4 photos of Bill Conti in Photos section. And finally there is added a video trailer to the document Bill Conti - Living the Truth and 2 other interviews in Video section.

Bill Conti - Living The Truth – Trailer from Danny Antonelli on Vimeo.


17.10. 2014

Quartet Records released A Prayer for a Dying

Quartet Records has great news for Conti's fans. They officialy released the score from A Prayer for a Dying (1987) first time ever and in limited edition of 1000 copies. More information in Discography. Don't hesitate to buy this excellent score!!!


14.4. 2014

Score from Necessary Roughness officialy released

Intrada has another sensation for Conti's fans. They released the score from Necessary Roughness (1991) first time ever. More information in Discography.


30.9. 2013

Score from I, The Jury first time on CD!

La La Land Records has another sensation for Conti's fans. They released the score from I, The Jury (1982) in limited edition of 2000 copies. More inforamtion in Discography.


22.4. 2013

Five Days from Home on the CD!!!

Okay, the boom of release of the Conti's score continues :-) Now Intrada released the score from Five Days from Home, which was previously released only on LP. The CD containts about 18 minuts more then the LP. More information on Discography.

And yet a note - La La Land Records just has notified that the score from I, the Jury will be released soon. Therefore, we have to look forward to!!!


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