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Media (Covers)





Avenging Angelo (Bootleg)

Avenging Angelo (Bootleg) - different cover

Baby Boom (Bootleg)

Bad Boys (Promo)

Big Blue, The (Promo)

Big Blue, The (Promo) - jiný cover

Big Blue - The Film Music of Bill Conti

Blood In, Blood Out (aka Bound by Honor)

Broadcast News (Bootleg)

Cohen and Tate (Bootleg)

Escape to Victory (Bootleg)

For Your Eyes Only (Expanded)

For Your Eyes Only (Expanded) - different cover

Fourth War, The (Bootleg)

Fourth War, The (Bootleg) - different cover

FX / A Prayer For A Dying (Bootleg)

Gloria (Bootleg / LP Rip)

I, the Jury (Bootleg)

I, the Jury (Bootleg) - jiný cover

Inferno (Bootleg)

Inferno (Bootleg) - jiný cover

Karate Kid / The Right Stuff (Bootleg)

Karate Kid Part II. (Bootleg)

Karate Kid Part II. (Bootleg) - different cover

Karate Kid Part II. (Bootleg) - jiný cover 2

Karate Kid Part II. (Bootleg) - jiný cover 3

Mass Appeal (Bootleg)

Neighbors (Bootleg)

Prayer for the Dying, A (Bootleg)

Prayer for the Dying, A (Bootleg) - different cover

Right Stuff, The (Bootleg)

Right Stuff, The (Complete)

Rocky Saga, The (Bootleg)

Scout, The (Bootleg)

Spy Hard (Bootleg)

Thomas Crown Affair, The (Promo)

Thomas Crown Affair, The (Bootleg)