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7.10. 2011

Update of Media section

I found 6 new photos with Bill Conti and added these into the Media section.


18.8. 2011

Bill Conti and The Real Love musical

The Real Love musical gathers an impressive 40-member cast led by award-winning stars, a 20-piece orchestra, and a team of esteemed composers to present a true love story with all the magic of Broadway. Original songs are written by eminent American composers of stage, film and television: Oscar & 5-time Emmy winner Bill Conti (“Rocky”), 2-time Oscar winner Al Kasha (“The Morning After” from “The Poseidon Adventure”; “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”), Emmy nominee Doug Katsaros (music director for “Footloose”), Tony & Emmy winner Don Pippin (“Oliver!”), and Oscar & 2-time Grammy winner David Shire (“Baby,” “Big”). More information on the official website.


8.3. 2011

Intrada relesed Wrongfully Accused !!!!

Intrada scores again, when yesterday released great Conti's score from Wrongfully Accused (1998). It's another grail of Conti's film music. More information in Discography. Released as special limited edition of 1500 copies.


9.2. 2011

Bill Conti and his family photos

Incidentally I find out the website of photograpfer named Gayla Elizabeth and discovered here photos of Bill Conti him self, his wife and his 5 grandchildren from 14th April 2010. You can find these photos here.


22.11. 2010

Varese released score from The Karate Kid (again)

Today Varese Sarabande re-released Conti’s score from the first The Karate Kid movie. It is from the same master as the 4CD box set, which Varese released in 2007. This CD is for those, who may have missed our The Karate Kid boxed set, featuring the scores for all four Karate Kid films. CD was released in limited edition of 2000 copies. More informations in Discography section.


21.11. 2010

Bill Conti's Fan Web in a new robe

As you can see, this web go through the big change. I was working the last two months on the new Conti's web. I created a new design and restructured the whole website. Also I made out his discography and prepared some new promo tracks from his work for you, which you can find in subsection Audio of Media section. The old web will be here, but only for a 2 weeks. I hope, that you will enjoy this new web ;-)


22.9. 2010

Varese will release on the CD score from The Formula

Varese Sarabande will release on 4th October 2010 Conti's score from The Formula (1980) in limited edition of 1200 copies. More information in Discography section.


18.8. 2010

Intrada released Conti's score from Cohen and Tate (1988)

Yesterday Intrada released Conti's music from Cohen and Tate (1988) in limited edition of 1200 copies. More information in Discography section.


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