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Rocky V (Platinum edition) (details)

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Title: Rocky V (Platinum edition)
Format: Regular CD
Label: Catalog License/Bungalo Records
Label number: 02097 00772
Release date: 2005
Country: USA


Other info:

01. That's what I Said (04:24)
      Performed by M. C. Hammer
02. All You Gotta Do is Sing (03:57)
      Performed by Joey B. Ellis
03. No Competition (04:39)
      Performed by MC Tab
04. Go for it!(Rocky V Theme) (04:14)
      Performed by Joey B. Ellis/Tynetta Hare
05. Take You Back (04:10)
      Performed by The 7A3(Original by Frank Stallone)
06. The Measure of a Man (04:03)
      Performed by Elton John
07. Can't Stop the Fire (03:19)
      Composed by Bill Conti; lyrics by Ashley Irwin

08. I Wanna Rock (03:02)
      Performed by Rob Base
09. Thought U were the One for Me (04:20)
      Performed by Joey B. Ellis
10. Keep it Up (04:03)
      Performed by SNAP
11. Feel my Power (05:08)
      Performed by M. C. Hammer

Total time: 45 min 19 s

Executive producers: Brian R. Schwartz and Robert (Leo) Rogers
Digitally remastered at Infinite Studio, Alameda, CA by Michael Denten