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Real Macaw, The (details)

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Title: Real Macaw, The
Format: Regular CD
Label: BMG Australia
Label number: GOTH 98032
Release date: 1998
Country: Australia

1M1 Records

Other info:

01. Overture (01:01)
      Composed by Bill Conti

02. Treasure in You (Conti/Saltzman) (03:21)
       Performed by Rod Davies
03. You Talk Too Much (Reprise) (03:16)
      Performed by The Song Cafe Society
04. Big (03:30)
      Performed by Wendy Matthews
05. Too Many Times (02:48)
      Performed by Mental As Anything
06. Heal the Child (04:13)
      Performed by Felt
07. When All Else Fails (04:52)
      Performed by John Farnham
08. Miss You (03:03)
      Performed by Merril Bainbridge
09. Speedo (03:02)
      Performed by Joe Camilleri
10. You Talk Too Much (02:57)
      Performed by Patty Smith
11. New Craze (04:17)
      Performed by The Black Sorrows

Total time: 36 min 20 s