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For Your Eyes Only (details)

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Title: For Your Eyes Only
Format: Regular CD
Label: Capitol/EMI Records
Label number: 72435-41449-2-9
Release date: 2003
Country: USA


Other info:
Other label: Ryko 10751.

01. For Your Eyes Only (Main Title Song) (03:07)
      Vocal by Sheena Easton
02. A Drive In The Country (02:25)
03. Take Me Home (02:32)
04. Melina's Revenge / Death Of Blofeld (02:18)
05. Gonzales Takes A Dive (03:14)
06. St. Cyril's Monastery (04:40)
07. Make It Last All Night (03:31)
      Vocal by Rage
08. Runaway (03:54)
09. Submarine (02:39)
10. For Your Eyes Only (Instrumental Version) (01:35)
11. Cortina (01:45)
12. The Prime Minister Gets The Bird / For Your Eyes Only (Reprise) (05:05)
      Vocal by Sheena Easton
13. Gunbarrel / Flowers For Teresa / Sinking The St. Georges (02:54)
14. Unfinished Business / Bond Meets Kristatos (01:53)
15. Ski, Shoot And Jump (05:16)
16. Goodbye Countess / No Head For Heights / Dining Alone (03:20)
17. Recovering The ATAC (02:28)
18. Sub Vs. Sub (03:16)
19. Run Them Down / The Climb (02:58)

Total time: 58 min 50 s

Music composed nad conducted by B. Conti
All tunes published by United Artists Music Co. Inc. (ASCAP)
Album produced by B. Conti except "For Your Eyes Only" produced by Christopher Neil
"James Bond Theme" by M. Norman
"For Your Eyes Only" sung by Sheena Easton
Recorded at Music Centre, Wembley, England